Thursday, February 19, 2015

How is it that God loves us SO much?

A exerpt journal entry from the other day...after reading John 15 and being completely floored.

How is that God loves us SO much?
It's not a cheap valentines day love either. It's not expressed in a card and a bag of chocolate. There is NO equivalent to God's love for us in Christ Jesus. 
Not to say he isn't just and doesn't have a vengeance that is beyond all imagination...but that is what makes His love and mercy all the sweeter!
So many people desire instant gratification, they long to be loved and they want that love right now; they're shocked when that lover then fizzles out and isn't all their heart craved.
How unfortunate that we run to other things when the God of the universe has called us to abide in His love. Abide in His love, live in it, remain in it, live by it. 
To top it all off, Jesus Christ himself says that he loves us as God the father loves him. That's CRAZY ridiculous! If a fellow believer walked up to me and said, "Christ loves me like The Father loves Christ," I might write him off like a fanatic who "doesn't get it," when really I'm the one doubting!
 The love of God is not to be underestimated. Just because I don't comprehend it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It is so real. And when we abide in God's love, he reaches out to us in a tangible way. He promises to listen and answer us. Oh how I desire to be that connected to God's love! I've wasted so much time seeking after the fruit and the goodness I desire to have instead of seeking a deeper connection to the vine! I will surely bear fruit if I am a branch deeply connected with the tree. Not only that, but God will continue to prune me so that I will bear more fruit!! How have I been missing this my whole life?? 

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  1. Thanks for the great reminder, Bugg. I especially relate to trying to produce fruit rather than seeking a closer connection to the vine. I'm going to chew on that today! Love, Mrs. R.