Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The world goes 'round

When it feels your hope is gone
And the spring of joy runs dry,
When you want to take another step
But you can't even try,
Then lift your eyes to the King of Kings And in His love abide.

When the whirlwinds spin you 'round and 'round And from then you can't hide 
Distractions creep from everywhere; There's no relief in sight. 
Then take the yoke of our Savior sweet
And in His love abide.

When it feels your heart is full
And you simply want to fly
When happiness seems to overflow
And the future seems so bright.
Then praise God from whom all blessings flow,
 And in his love Abide.

When danger lurks on every side
And there are enemies nearby
Darkness seems to suffocate
And snuff out all the light.
Then gaze upon the glory of Christ
And in His love abide.

When life's final breath draws near
And we begin to die,
The hope of Christ grows ever dear:
Hope of everlasting life.
Run into the outstretched arms
And in His love abide.

Just another little bit of something I've been working on. I would actually love to put a melody to it someday, but inspiration has been slightly lacking. 
God has just slowly been revealing to me that His love is the only place where I will find true satisfaction, hope, and peace. And it's hard to do that. In the joy-filled times I want to take pride and happiness from the experience itself, not the Giver and Source of that joy. In the sorrow-filled times it's all too easy to wallow in the pain or mask it with the business of life. All the while, the King of Kings is calling and beckoning to abide, rest, take part in, settle, and find satisfaction in the love he pours out.
 The moments of joy are a gift and the trials are a gift too. The hard times press us to seek His face even more, because (like David) we can only truly lift our eyes to the mountains and see our rescue when we are down in the valley. (Psalm 121)
Here's a cool song that kinda reiterates that...and one that I've been listening to quite frequently because it's so prayer like and humble.

The world keeps spinning despite our joy and in the midst of our pain, and if we don't seek Him and hold fast to Him as a solid rock, we are going to be lost in the chaos. 

That's all I really have for now.
More later probably.

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