Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes, it's here once again! A day pretty much focused on love, candy, secret admirers, cards, hearts and did I mention candy? So, in honor of this day, I will post some things that I love. :) <3

1. My Daddy writing all my lesson plans and for history letting me watch Braveheart! (Not until Friday, but I am excited!)
2. My sound of my mom in the kitchen flipping french toast and making hot chocolate this morning....mmmm.....

3. My brothers scooping freshly fallen snow in the driveway, and Erna's drawings and Lil's obsession with Elmo. (She is soooo cute. Here, maybe a picture would be good....)

4. Sore fingers and a blistered thumb from learning the guitar.

5. Raising money and shopping for my trip to Ethiopia!!! It is coming up in like a month!!!

6. Verse like Isaiah 18 when I am nervous or afraid. (especially of traveling overseas, new places, strange languages and new foods)

7. The book, 'The Scottish Chiefs' Oh my! Such a good book!! It goes along with the movie Braveheart, (William Wallace) except more romance and stuff. But still lots and lots and lots of battle chapters.....

8. Silent Movies with Sunshine. :)
(The Artist, I totally recommend it! The whole time we were watching it, these old ladies were making the funniest comments like, "Oh! This movie needs sound! and trying to predict what would happen next.)

9. My cousin being done with basic training! Yea Popeye!!

10. Long nights of sleep, and waking up to a crisp winter morning.

11. Nature hikes with my dad and siblings. (Sorry, the pictures aren't on the computer yet....)

12. The pageview tracker on blogger (When you don't get any comments, it is nice to know people still read your blog! smile......)

13. Knowing that my God is so much bigger than any fears or problems that you have. And that compared to heaven the trials of this world are trivial. What a friend we have in Jesus!!!

14. The stars!

Yes, those are the stars! And God knows each one by name.

15. This video
Have a fantastic Valentines Day, and eat lots of chocolate, and spend time with your valentine (if you have one....) Or join me in realizing just how many blessings I have to love, and that loving people includes your enemies, your siblings, your neighbor, everybody!!! That is convicting for me.....Because I know that loving is easy when people are loving you, but to love those who hate you with the love that Christ loved me is HARD!


  1. I think you have the gift of writing Miss Kaylee! Enjoyed reading this.
    Mrs. N

  2. I love you Bug! You are one of my very dear Valentines! I love the way God is growing your love for him in such deep ways!

  3. Happy Valentines Day, Valentine! I love you so much and enjoy reading each post you write!! Praying for you upcoming trip!
    hugs:) :)